Sonja Deadly Doll

Name: Sonja Deadly Doll

Birthday: 07/05/1986

Country: Spain

Talent: Model, Artist & Art Teacher

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Bio: I am Deadly Doll, I have studied Fine Arts and a Master´s degree to become art teacher.
I am working as model and collaborating with some gothic shops (clothing, jewelry,..)
I am also working in a fascinating fashion accessories, Hair and Beauty shop.
I started my modeling life five years ago with some photographers but I made some shootings in landscapes and self portraits during my degree.
I love travelling and speaking my favorites languages (english and german). I made two internships in Berlin and Munich in a photography Studio and in a video-character design studio. I hope to visit Germany again soon because I felt in love with the landscapes (also I loved England when I was studying English there).
I belong to a Steampunk organization in Valencia, called “La Resistencia”. We make shootings and Steampunk or gothic events together and having fun. I enjoy too much working with them because we all are really creative and imaginative persons.
I really love the gothic culture and style; I look like a gothic doll with extra long hair! 

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