Sandra Oliveira

Name: Sandra Oliveira

Country: Portugal

Talent: Singer, Songwriter, Vocal Teacher & Event Planner

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Sandra Oliveira is a Portuguese singer-songwriter, vocal teacher and event planner, whose main project is heavy rock band Blame Zeus.

She started singing and writing lyrics 20 years ago. Self-taught at first, she was part of many bands, playing both originals and covers. In 2007 she started having vocal and music lessons. In 2010 she enrolled at Universidade de Évora, to undertake a Music Degree in Jazz Vocals. In 2011 she had the great pleasure of completing the Workshop for Singers and Songwriters at Berklee College of Music, in Valencia, Spain. In 2010 she started giving private singing lessons, Songwriting and Stage Performance. She’s also a teacher at other local music schools.

Besides being a teacher, she’s also a studio vocal coach and back vocalist, Blame Zeus’ manager, and runs Lazy Cat Productions & Management, responsible for organizing rock and metal concerts.

She founded Blame Zeus in December 2010, alongside her husband Ricardo Silveira, the band’s drummer.

Sandra live – by Renata Lino


Sandra live – by João Fitas


Photo by: Hugo Delgado | | For more photos check or our website | 


Photo by João Fitas

Flash Interview

Obscurena: What gives you the most pleasure when you teach singing?

Sandra Oliveira: That moment when the student discovers his/her voice, and realizes all the hard work and sacrifices are totally worth it.

Obscurena: Why a metal band?

Sandra Oliveira: It’s what runs in my veins, rock and alternative metal. What pours from me when I write.

Obscurena: As responsible for organizing rock and metal concerts how is Rock and Heavy Metal in Portugal?

Sandra Oliveira: We have awesome bands with great talent, but little support from the mainstream organizations and media. Even so, we have the best and most loyal fans, that keep heavy music alive.


Sandra Oliveira


Blame Zeus


Blame Zeus






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