Bijou Ayashe

Bijou Ayashe

Name: Bijou Ayashe

Country: Canada

Talent: Modelling, writing, music, marketing, entrepeneurship

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BIO: The stunning, tattooed, green-eyed model, Bijou Ayashe, is a Northern Ontario, Canada born multifaceted freelance artist with a personal intrigue in a wide variety of fashion genres. With her beautiful French-Native looks, she creates an eccentric mix of wild-child magic with the perfect combination of trash and class. She is a model with a whimsical spirit, teen-like creative vision and enjoys the challenge of capturing and projecting a photographer’s ideas in her own unique way. Bijou comes with a long, dark history full of hard lessons and peculiar experiences and you will often find a hidden story within every strategic, artistic piece. Her chosen names are a combination of the French word meaning “Jewel” or “Gem” and the indigenous baby name, which translates into “Little One.” This petite, blonde, naked sprite keeps her fans on their toes by expanding her reach far beyond expected. She was born to shine and will not be taking no for an answer.

Photography: Dino Tsinonis

MUA: The Sensitive Stylist

Flash Interview

Obscurena: What do you like most? A career as a model, writer or musician?

Bijou Ayashe: I feel like I can combine all of these three things into my new passion, primarily as a model. I’ve been enjoying the idea of tying my writing skills and musical knowledge as a model into my work in the way of audience engagement with my posts and interviews.

Obscurena: When you started your career as an alternative model and why ?

Bijou Ayashe: I began my newest journey mid-January of this year to take a turn from my short and exciting experience as an exotic dancer. I cam out of long resume in the corporate world reborn, and looking for my place as a full-time artist. I’m happy that my stage performance journey came about the way it did because it gave me the strength and skills I needed to tackle the fears that come along with being a nude and exposed model. It aided to breaking down the shy and anxious barriers that office life created or conditioned me to succeed in a new-found and self-learned career.

Obscurena: What are your greatest accomplishments so far?

Bijou Ayashe: I’ve worked with so many amazing people so far, and to my surprise, most recently the Naked News. This was an unexpected adventure I feel was acquired by using my own expression and path instead of following other model’s business angles.

Obscurena: Your Favorite Tattoo is  The  sakura tree which symbolizes strength and beauty. Can you talk more about it ?

Bijou Ayashe: I was a quite sheltered and over-protected teen far from city life. From a young age I always had a secret dream to land in the city as a star. I remember at the age of 15 being beyond star-struck by a certain magazine look. That look was eccentric, exotic Japanese fashion. Later on, that taste for Japanese culture continued for me in the way of anime, cosplay, and overall petite girl, dark haired beauty look. I dyed my hair as a teen to black and carried that colour for over 20+ years, until I hit a corporate job which didn’t approve. I started this back piece as gradual cultural artistic expression and it ended with a middle finger.
Taking your own stand on beauty sometimes takes alot of strength, by going your own way and not giving a care what others feel about it.

Obscurena: What are your plans for the future?

Bijou Ayashe: As a freestyle artist, I have no certain plan or end goal, expect for to ensure my artwork speaks to people who have experienced hardships. Whatever happens after that, I welcome with open arms.

Photo Set – Location: 2266 Lakeshore Road West, Mississauga, Ontario, Canada

Photographer: Eumar, MUA: The Sensitive Stylist