Ângela Aparício
Our Precious

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Name: Ângela Aparício

Country: Portugal

Talent:  Alternative Model

BIO: Alternative  model from Portugal.

31 Aug, 2016
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Fenix Fatalist
Our Precious

Fenix Fatalist »

Name: Fénix Fatalist Country: Ukraine Talent:  Cosplayer BIO: Part of FD Cosplay Team Follow Fénix Fatalist: Facebook

30 Aug, 2016
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BacaLhôa Buddha Eden
Obscurena Went

BacaLhôa Buddha Eden »

Bacalhôa Buddha Eden was created in protest against destruction of theBamyan Buddhas Giants in what was one of the biggest cultural barbarous acts, erasing Memory masterpieces of the late period of Gandhara Art. Is the largest oriental garden

28 Aug, 2016
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Mata dos Medos
Obscurena Went

Mata dos Medos »

The forest has a scary environment. The enormous amount and height of pine trees hide the daylight. Is almost impossible not getting

28 Aug, 2016
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Municipal Slaughterhouse of Bombarral
Obscurena Went

Municipal Slaughterhouse of Bombarral »

The old Municipal Slaughterhouse of the town of Bombarral was inaugurated in the earlies 50’s, and was active until the end

26 Aug, 2016
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