Vera Belchior

Name: Vera Belchior

Birthday: 30/04/1982

Country: Portugal

Talent: Alternative Model, Hairdresser.

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Vera Belchior is a passioned person by fantasy world and photografy. Early she discover the sweet that is beeing in front of a camera and impersonate characters like demons, angels, pin-up, fairy and so many more.

She recently discovered a new passion: Hairs.

Some off recent work can be seen on her recent photos, joining this way her passions: Modeling, photo and hairs.


Obscurena: When you started your career as a Model and why ?

Vera Belchior:  I started my career as a model since May 2014, at that time I was fascinated by tattoos and one day a photographer friend of mine asked me if i was interested in participating in a photo shoot. I obviously said yes and since there I never stoped.

Obscurena: What are your greatest accomplishments so far?

Vera Belchior: My greatest accomplishment so far was helping to create a photo shoot group that I am the person responsible by the hairs and  scenes production.

Obscurena: What is your greatest strength?

Vera Belchior: My greatest strength is my  ability to overcome the difficulties.  I can always see the greatest side of everything.

Obscurena: What are your plans for the future?

Vera Belchior: My plans for the future are becoming a great hairdresser and a great beard designer. Of course never forgetting the photo shoots that i truly Love.



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