Bijou Ayashe
Our Precious

Bijou Ayashe »

Name: Bijou Ayashe

Country: Canada

Talent: Modelling, writing, music, marketing, entrepeneurship

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Double Black
Teresa Baliño

Double Black »

Models:  Patricia

Natasha Gris Artist & Photographer
Our Precious

Natasha Gris Artist & Photographer »

Name: Natasha Gris

Talent: Photographer

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Vera Belchior
Our Precious

Vera Belchior »

Name: Vera Belchior

Birthday: 30/04/1982

Country: Portugal

Talent: Alternative Model, Hairdresser.

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24 Mar, 2018
Written by admin
Bruno Tonelo Art

Bruno Tonelo Art »

He was born on November 11, 1981. Dedicated to drawing and painting for over 20 years, this self-taught artist seeks inspiration

22 Mar, 2018
Written by admin


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