Merche Navarro Art Work

Merche-NavarroMy name is Merche Navarro, I was born in Granada and I currently live in Malaga (Spain) Linked to art from a very young age, with artistic training in dance, piano and choral singing, and later Licensed in dramatic art.

I have always felt very comfortable in the world of colored pencils and I really liked copying drawings because I was abstracted from everything and relaxed. But it was not until 1997 that I discovered that I really did not do it wrong and excited I started to learn and paint on my own as a possessed,  stealing many…many  hours of  sleep.  My dream was to paint one day my own works and find my own style. After signing up for private painting classes, I encouraged myself to study seriously and got a diploma in drawing and painting.

In my works I like to follow my impulses, to flow and to experiment, to play with transparencies and to mix different textures, I seek visual impact through saturated colors, dramatic backgrounds, conceptual and abstract worlds, epic stories, magic symbols, and fantasy.

Without despising the pencils and brushes with which I love to play and stain, the digital world gives me many possibilities  that, as a restless and curious soul that I am,  comes to me very well because I constantly learn and discover new options.

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Maria Kilstrøm Nielsen Artwork

inspirationMaria Kilstrøm Nielsen, artist based in Copenhagen, Denmark. Born 1990.

Uses music as inspiration to create art and design.

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“The motto is to think outside the box, which leaves no boundaries in what will be done by theme, materials or style. Therefore you will see art done on different types of media.


Melodies can have a personal way of describing certain situations or events we are going through in our lives. Isn’t that why we connect with the various different styles and types of music?

To put it simple – we all create our own soundtracks for our own lives by listening and following the music we appreciate. And I? Well I take that literally and get amazing ideas and images out of it.

So in order to bring music into a more visual world, figures and colors are used to create emotions or scenarios.


By stepping into a song and lyrics, I use spray paint and pens to bring you a step closer to how a song leaves a visual expression.” Maria Kilstrøm Nielsen


Obscurena Flash Interview

Obscurena: When the idea of creating art based on music came up ?

Maria Nielsen: The idea of creating art based on music came from my hopes and dreams about writing music of my own. When I was younger I wanted to pursue the carrier of becoming a singer. In connection to that I have been playing piano since I was 12, I think, mainly in order to compose my own songs. Though it never really reached a point where I was proud and content with my work. So this love for music and the amazing element of creating own expressions in songs led to a huge need to channel that out in another way.

Obscurena: what kind of music inspires you most when you are creating ?

Maria Nielsen: Sometimes the question of what music that inspires me to paint is a very simple question to answer and yet very complex. What do you listen to on your way to work? And why? The mood determines the music.
To try to put it simple, the music that I feel most inspired by are mostly by artists and bands that represents an attitude and message that I respond to and support. Some days the music can be very mellow simply because it makes me think. Other times I can walk around wanting to be working on a piece I have some loose ideas for visually but that I have to get to come together with a message and overall expression and experience by that one song that just simple will finish the painting. That has been the experience in these three years of how I have seen the music I have been listening to has impacted my work.

Some examples of Bands and Artists that inspires Maria: Tool, Perfect Circle, Massive Attack, Pink Floyd, Metallica, Soundgarden, Gramatik, System of a Down & Blue Foundation











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