Tatiana Santos

Name: Tatiana Santos

Birthday: 20/03/1979

Country: Portugal

Talent: Alternative and Fantasy Model, Singer, Composer, Photojournalist

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Tatiana Santos is a Portuguese artist. She is 38 years old and was born in Mozambique (Africa).

Model, singer and songwriter she has been dedicating herself to art since she was 4 Years old.

At the age of 4 she started learning music and playing the piano, studies that she continued until the age of 12.

At seven she started having painting classes and painting in porcelain.

She found a guitar at 12 and self taught herself how to play.

At 16 she learned other painting techniques with a Vista Alegre teacher. So music and Painting were two early stage arts Tatiana developed and – claims – that helped her shape and see the world with another frame.

At 18 she entered university (journalism) where she had photojournalism classes with José Peixe and Screenwritting with Alexandre Honrado (from RTP productions).

After Journalism she studied Psychology to better understand the human mind from 2002 to 2007.

And in 2011 she started modelling as an alternative model until today. Nowadays besides photography, Tatiana also writes and composes original songs. Her most recent project is called Teoria do Caos and they play original songs in Portuguese.

Jelly Shot & the Wild Billies ft. Cherry Doll at Mr Johnny (Portugal)

 Eu sou o Caos – Teaser / Demo (single take)

Eva Gloom – the Road Back Home



Tatiana Santos Full Photo Gallery

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: Geisi

Birthday: 12/08

Country: Brasil

Talent: Cosplayer, Model

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Photos: Jotape VazHugo Fernandes


Cosplayer since 2010, Loves drama and comedy manga, fighting and action games, DC comics, sci fi and horror movies. Trying to improve more and more each day.

Flash Interview

Obscurena: Apart from cosplay, what kind of photo sets do you make?

Geisi: It doesn’t need to be a cosplay, that’s why sometimes I wear clothes and make up following a concept or character. I imagine by myself or that interests me and then the photoshoots are made. For example, my last photo set was a OC (Original Character) I imagined as a kinda red haired punk girl wearing strong make up and fishnets. That kind of photos are very satisfying.

Obscurena: When did the interest in Cosplay begin?

Geisi: I watch anime and read manga since I was very young. Around 2008/2009 I watched Code Geass and fell in love for the character C.C. It’s still my favorite anime and I’ve become obsessed in making her cosplay. Unfortunately, tho, I only finished it this year, and may do a photoshoot next month. This character made me look for more things about cosplay and in 2010 I did my first cosplay ever which was Selty, from the anime “Durarara!!”. unfortunately I don’t have any good pics from that cosplay.

Obscurena: What are your goals for the future?

Geisi: My primary goal isto get new tools and resources to keep my hobby. I’d love that. It’s quite expensive to keep on with cosplay here in Brazil, and that’s why I try to do most things (props and clothes) by myself to save as much as I can.


Usagi Mayu

Name: Usagi Mayu

Birthday: 1993

Country: Brazil

Talent:  Cosplayer, Model

BIO: I started cosplaying in 2008, but I had to stop for a few years because of school and work. I went back to this hobby in 2015. I like to make many different kinds of characters, from  male characters to sexy versions and genderband’s, but always according to what my “heart” feels.
The whole process of sewing the clothes, styling wigs and fabricate accessories is almost as wonderful as when using the full cosplay.








Chloe Price 2






Shiraki Meiko


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Natalia Kat

11225072_484780255031032_4802735649819060312_nName: Natalia Kat
Birthday: 1993
Country: Canada
Talent:  Cosplayer, Model

BIO: My name is Natalia and I am a Polish-Canadian cosplayer and model. I started cosplaying for the first time when I was about 13, due to my love for video games, comics and anime. I then started modelling at about 16, and am most passionate about alternative, fantasy, and pin-up themed shoots. I have been building my portfolio for the past few years while studying journalism in university.

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Natalia Kat: My interests include cosplaying, drawing, horror movies, video games, and music. Gaming is a big passion of mine, I like to play everything from Devil May Cry to League of Legends to Ghost Trick. I have also trained in opera for a few years and enjoy going to metal concerts whenever I can.

Natalia Kat: My passion for cosplay comes from mixing design with fictional characters. It’s amazing to be able to make a character you love come to life with your own hands and actually be them for a day. It’s also a great way to be creative, learn crafting skills, and make friends with similar interests to yours. You can start conversations with people and develop friendships simply by wearing a cosplay of a character that someone else happens to like or from a show or game they enjoy too. It brings nerds together.

Natalia Kat: My passion for modelling started in high school, after a photographer met me while I was working as a cashier and asked me to model for him. Similarly to cosplay, it is a lot of fun to create art with your body. You can produce so many emotions and different looks or personalities just with facial and body expressions, as well as hair, makeup and wardrobe. It is also a great way to make connections in the media industry and get to know more people. I love to watch our work turn into art.

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Ashavari Joshi

Name: Ashavari Joshi

Birthday: 1992

Country: Canada

Talent: Musician, Cosplayer, Model

BIO: I’m a South Asian alternative model and lead vocalist of symphonic/progressive metal band, At Dawn’s Edge!

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Goth Annie cosplay!photbyFaultypixel

Hengyan Photography

Photo by DQC Photo

Photo by John Previlon Photographer1 - Cópia


Photography by Charles Bodi1

Photography by GeoffLarkinStudios7

Photography by Hendrix Lau2

Photography by Think.Nu

Photography by Tiffany Trinidad


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