Dorothy Dew

Name: Tijana Brdarić

Country: Belgrade, Serbia

Talent: Photographer, Model &  Makeup artist

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Bio: I’m an alternative model and photographer from Belgrade, Serbia. I do shootings both paid and TFP. I am also looking for fashion designers who want me to represent their work in my shootings. I’m looking for jewelry designers as well. Feel free to contact me if you want me to wear your creations!
I usually edit my own photos but I do accept photographer’s work as well.

Obscurena Interview

When you started your career as an alternative model and why the underground?

I started posing for friends photographers when I was 15. Roots are attached to the deviant art platform where I started pulling my inspiration for self portraiture concepts. But everything became more serious in 2015 when I made my own public pages on Facebook and instagram. I chose the underground cause I never found commercial modelling job appealing. Underground gives me the opportunity to express who I really am by building my own concepts, doing my own styling, makeup and post production of photos. Also, the tattoos. I have plenty of those and commercial path disapproves them even now in 2017 when literally everyone has at least one of those.

What do you like most? A career as a model, photographer or makeup artist?

My photography job really differs from what I do as a “modelographer”. I shoot commercial models for agencies, magazines, etc. I need to say that I equally love being both in front and behind the camera. My biggest goal as a photographer is to make my models feel pretty and have fun when I shoot them. Same stands for makeup job. I mostly work with brides to be, so it’s really a pleasure to be part of those ladies big day.

What are your greatest accomplishments so far?

My greatest accomplishment is the trust clients have put in me as a person they work with. Photographers, models, brands, makeup clients, all of them. Their appreciation and reaction when I give them the final results are my greatest reason to be satisfied as an artist.

What is your greatest strength?

I need to underline that I wouldn’t be who I am today without love and constant support of my husband, my parents who taught me to think outside of a box and my friends who believe in me. But I can’t not mention a nice strong cup of coffee few times a day.

In prior performance reviews, what were your opportunities for improvement?

It all depends of the mutual goal, of course. I do accept critique if I find it reasonable, as I’m always aware of my weak points. I’m a self taught artist so it took some time to achieve the “professional” title. I had an image of how my work should look like and I chased it until I could say that I wanna present it to a public. But I’m still learning. I’m hungry for knowledge. I can say that I am “arrogantly modest”.

What do you mean “artist who chases perfection.”?

I always used to have minor heart attacks when something doesn’t work as planned. I am a completely laid back person which contradicts my vision of a perfection. My point of view on that is hard to explain. But for starters I hate seeing bad Photoshop in pictures. I can’t help looking at it without giving an advice how to make it prettier.

What are your plans for the future?

Oh, many plans! Finishing current concepts, I already made a small home studio and I taught my husband some photography tips, so it’s faster to shoot and respect the deadlines. I have amazing collaborations coming my way, new locations to shoot at, and milestones ahead. I plan on doing some charity as there are so many people who need my help and I want to be part of that. But the most important plan is to stay happy and spread beauty and good vibes as I always did. Life is too short to not live it with eyes wide open and lungs full of air!

Dorothy Dew Photoset

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Maria Lock Artwork


Unconditional love for the world, good or bad, it is all worthy, it is all interesting. I find life to be absurd, but I cherish this. Meaning could constrain the world, make it smaller, and I just want it to be bigger. It might seem as if I seek closure, but through my curiosity, with every question, the world grows in both size and complexity.

I am not the kind of artist who dives deep into one media, maybe I’m not even the kind of person who dives deep into being an artist. But I do dive deep. I guess my subject is just a bit elusive to me, and it may very well be on purpose. In this way it stays a mystery, a mystery that lures me in and leaves room for creativity. Somewhat like how I see my creations. I like them to have a poetic touch, in the meaning that they are dense but incomplete, they leave room for movement with, in and of whoever chooses to dance with them.

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Woman Edited photo
Woman Edited photo


Untitled Drawing


Its a mad cow world Drawing



Veil Tailed Pigish Drawing



Mute Girl and Speech Theraparrot Drawing


Kali Ma Drawing


Cuparrot Drawing


Blind Girls Trouble Having Badgers in the House While She is Preparing a Birthday Party Drawing


Baloonmaids Drawing



Currently I’m creating a sort of meta-artpiece, which I call Artlaws. So far I myself am the only artist submitting pieces, but several other artists are about to join me.  The concept is to give away the pieces for free. Seek to make them ownerless, sort of outlaws, hence the name Artlaws. And by doing so I am curious to see how the art moves between the hosts, and what it catalyzes. Therefore I appeal to the hosts to send me pictures, texts and to pass the pieces along. Drawing attention to the friction between movement and stagnation.


Os Mutantes Protoperidinium Beings Design Sculpture.


Mussel Teacup (Sculpture)


Golden Feather Face


Artlaws Cuparrot in Ikea Photo


Teresa Baliño

Published Graphic Designer and Fine Art Photographer from Lisbon, Portugal.


Teresa Baliño Bio: After the Degree in Graphic Design and the Graduate Program in Communication and Image, she worked on Design Ateliers, Magazines and Advertising Agencies.
After completing a Master Degree in Design and Visual Production she felt the need to invest in Photography to overcome the expectations of the most demanding customers who were not happy with pictures of image banks.

Years later, after discovering that her mother was seriously ill , immersed in the Fantasy World and used her imagination and creativity to abstract from reality. Now invests all time to produce fancy photo shoots taken from Fairy Tales or Horror Movies. Teresa has customers all over the world.
Ever had interviews to National and International Magazines and two book covers published (Canada and USA).

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20 22

24  29

28  33



40  46







37 26

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Jenny Modemann

: Jenny Modemann

Birthday: 1987

Country: South Africa

Talent: Musician, Singer

BIO: Singer And Guitarist of the band CRUEL TREATMENT

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Obscurena: When did you started to sing and play guitar ?
Jenny Modemann:  I start playing and singing guitar when i was 15 years old. Especially the guitar playing, I`ve been singing for all my life but it was a huge different when it comes to my growls! haha
Obscurena: Why Heavy Metal ?
Jenny Modemann: Metal is the most powerful,most passion music i`ve ever heard in my life!! You cant find so much energy,so much honest ,so much blood in any kind of music! Im a really passionate person..everything I do,I´ll do it with all my heart. I must feel the fire burning. In Heavy Metal you can almost taste it `cause you are in Hell!
Obscurena: What are your plans for the future ?
Jenny Modemann: My plan is to brutalize the world with Cruel Treatment! haha which means to finish our first album soon in the studios and playing shows around this world! We`ll going to put the Underground into the next level.





















Jenny Modemann Performance


Cruel Treatment



Rabbid Rabbit


Vester Jen Schwarzer Kator Collabration




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