Amazing Photos by “Steven Crane”


I’m Steve 45 years old , and have been interested in Photography since i was a child. I started out with an Old Olympus 35mm film camera that i bought from a Second Hand Shop. I used to photograph the normal type of thing,Trees, Animals ect ,things i thought were nice and interesting. I still occasionally Shoot Weddings and portraits. and as nice as the photos are,i much prefer to get really creative.


Have a passion for the world of Urbex, ” Urban Exploration ” a couple of years ago.After looking around at what other urbexers  were photographing i wanted to make my photos stand out from the rest . That’s When i started to use Models, and Myself in The Shots. I like using Models and people that aren’t afraid to get Messy,and Experiment with the photography.


Some of my photographs are Quite Dark And Sinister and not to everyone’s taste.Some of it Reflects my Life and tells a story, and other photos are just Art. To see more of my photographs go to and look up the User name of   steiner2009  there you will be able to see all of my photographs  🙂


Also I am always looking for Models Males / Females,and ideas and inspiration.So if you would like to contact me i can be reached at 

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Thanks For Looking