Sienna Sally

Sienna Sally

Photo: Debora Melim

Name: Sienna Sally

Birthday: 1991

Country: Portugal

Talent: Musician, Singer

BIO: Vocalist of Aura’s Seers

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I’m Sienna Sally, I’m portuguese. I love music, I love singing. I adore animals. My family and my friends are very important to me. I studied arts and started drawing tattoos. I am honest with those who relate to me, so they always know what i’m all about. In what I can I always try to help those who I love. I like being around people that I love. But I also like to be alone.

My passion is music since I was young. But I started to dedicate myself to this when I was 17 years old. My first band was Darkside Of Innocence. I was the female vocals and I recorded 2 albuns, the first one named “Infernum Liberus Est” and the second one  “Xenogenesis”; I have been there for 2 years . After that I made a project called Glitcherry. It was a solo project without any clearcut style of music. Also, along with some friends I created a band called Past Undone we released 2 EP’s “Time Lapse” and “See You Tomorrow”. I did a collaboration on the album “The Coldest Sun” with The Autist and now I’m vocalist of Aura’s Seers.


Flash Interview


Obscurena: What bands inspires you ?

Sienna Sally: At the moment the bands inspires me are, Opeth, Antimatter, James Blake, Sigur Ros, Epica, Anathema…

Obscurena:  What do you intend in the future as an artist?

Sienna Sally: My intention is touch the hearts of those who listen to me, always leave a positive message. Who knows …Maybe I will help someone with a simple music.

Obscurena: Have you ever thought about modeling career?

Sienna Sally: I never thought of becoming a model, but I really like photography 🙂 It’s a hobby … but we never know what to expect tomorrow.



05Photo: Pedro Tita Reis Organization: Ana Luar Vaz Model: Sienna Sally  Make Up: Andreia Carvalhais Store: Dark Desire Fatima Santos e Rui Almeida.

15439827_1396226623722261_453278835250090238_nPhoto: Rui Crispim Model: Sienna Sally Event: Gothic Soul Organization: Ana Luar Vaz Make Up Andreia Carvalhais Store/clothes: Darkdesire. (Fatima Santos)

10806199_898382603529200_4223654786348061543_nSereno Photography

04Photo: SinVision, Store/clothes: Darkdesire. (Fatima Santos)

03Photo: Pinky Sereno


01Photo: Carlos Tenente, Organization: Ana Luar Vaz Model: Sienna Sally  Make Up: Andreia Carvalhais, Store/clothes: Darkdesire. (Fatima Santos)

Darkside of Innocence

 Dark of InnocencePhoto: Ricardo Reis

Past Undone

 Past UndonePhoto: Pinky Sereno

 The Autist The AutistPhoto: Debora Melim

Auras Seers