Serra de Montejunto – Militar Base

Radar Station n.º 3 -Restricted Area. Obscurena Photo Report – September 2015. In Montejunto is located the radar station n.º 3 of the Portuguese Air Force.

Also is a Alternative Air Operations Center. This base, ensure the operability as reporting center and control in air defense Portugal.
In August 1960, the Air Base Montejunto Mountain, 70 km from Lisbon, was the scene of an unusual event with physical effects on witnesses, all military.
An unspecified Sunday of the month, Hector Morales, an expert on radar, was monitoring the Portuguese airspace when noticed a loud noise similar to that produced by five jet engines. It seemed to be emitted from a stationary object above the base. A few moments later, Morais was lying, leaning against a wall 10 meters away from where he stood.
Returning to consciousness and looking around, he could see that the other radar operators were in the same situation. Moral surprised that the base generator did not work, which is why it fully met the dark and the radar completely dead. When he opened the door to let in light, his colleagues observed an abnormal glow over the Serra de Sintra, rising at breakneck speed.
The unusual was not due only to the tremendous speed with which the object came up.






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