Rebekah Marine – The Bionic Model

: Rebekah Marine

Birthday: 07/01/1985

Country: Woodbury, New Jersey

Talent: BIONIC MODEL. Inspirational speaker and mentor.

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Rebekah Marine is a model, inspirational speaker and humanitarian. Despite being born without a right forearm, Rebekah has defied all odds in the fashion industry and has become one of the most recognizable models in the amputee community.

Marine, 29, is now ambassador for the Lucky Fin Project, a non-profit organization which helps support those with upper limb differences.

In addition to this, Rebekah is ambassador for Touch Bionics and currently wears the i-limb quantum, one of the most advanced prosthetic hands in the world.

Rebekah has been featured in publications such as TIME, People Magazine, Mashable, Daily Mail, Teen Vogue, Huffington Post, The Stir, Vogue Italia and more.


Rebekah Marine speaking at the Congress of Future Science and Technology Leaders 2016

Bionic Model Rebekah Marine at New York Fashion Week via TIME

Rebekah Marine: Bionic Model

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