Ge – Nooneenoni

: Ge – Nooneenoni

Birthday: 12/08

Country: Brasil

Talent: Cosplayer, Model

Follow: Facebook, Worldcosplay, Etsy.

Photos: Jotape VazHugo Fernandes


Cosplayer since 2010, Loves drama and comedy manga, fighting and action games, DC comics, sci fi and horror movies. Trying to improve more and more each day.

Flash Interview

Obscurena: Apart from cosplay, what kind of photo sets do you make?

Nooneenoni: It doesn’t need to be a cosplay, that’s why sometimes I wear clothes and make up following a concept or character. I imagine by myself or that interests me and then the photoshoots are made. For example, my last photo set was a OC (Original Character) I imagined as a kinda red haired punk girl wearing strong make up and fishnets. That kind of photos are very satisfying.

Obscurena: When did the interest in Cosplay begin?

Nooneenoni: I watch anime and read manga since I was very young. Around 2008/2009 I watched Code Geass and fell in love for the character C.C. It’s still my favorite anime and I’ve become obsessed in making her cosplay. Unfortunately, tho, I only finished it this year, and may do a photoshoot next month. This character made me look for more things about cosplay and in 2010 I did my first cosplay ever which was Selty, from the anime “Durarara!!”. unfortunately I don’t have any good pics from that cosplay.

Obscurena: What are your goals for the future?

Nooneenoni: My primary goal isto get new tools and resources to keep my hobby. I’d love that. It’s quite expensive to keep on with cosplay here in Brazil, and that’s why I try to do most things (props and clothes) by myself to save as much as I can.