dec50d_28dafdfc747345a485039abbc11e5084-mv1Name: Natasha Danzig

Birthday: 1974

Country: South Africa

Talent: Musician, Poet, Horror Author

BIO: LadyAxe is a South African Viking Metal artist/ dark poet/ horror author and indie filmmaker. Her literary work includes being a professional ghost writer for various publishing houses in Europe as well as her own works of poetry and horror short stories, soon to be re-published.

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Her literary work includes being a professional ghost writer for various publishing houses in Europe as well as her own works of poetry and horror short stories, soon to be re-published.The upcoming short story compilation, ‘Webbing Woven with Wickeding’, will feature 8 horror journeys with grisly old school atmosphere in the vein of Poe and Lovecraft.The book will be available via her literary Facebook page – LadyAxe Lit  As for her music career, Axe was the first female heavy metal artist in South Africa, back in 1992-3.
It was a tough time to bring a female power metal artist in amongst the new wave of Death Metal that just took over the country, but she persisted, being billed mainly with Goth/ Power acts through her record company. Because of mismanagement of the acts on the record company’s roster, Axe left the company a year after.
After over a decade of obscurity, she resurfaced with “The Invitation”, the end credit song to UK horror film, THE GHOSTS OF CROWLEY HALL.
For fear of copyright issues, her name was changed to LadyAxe and was the name used from there on in. Official LadyAxe Facebook page.In 2009 LadyAxe headlined the Windhoek Metalfest in Namibia, making history as the first time a metal band featured three generations of females from the same family. It was a once-off feat just for the one performance, but proved the unpredictable nature of LadyAxe.
Subsequently she recorded various demo’s of the songs they played at the WMF, but with lack of funding to record a proper studio album, Axe posted said demo’s mainly on Reverbnation.The lo-fi demo compilation, “DEMOnized”, was released in June 2015, due to popular demand for all the old Axe and LadyAxe demo’s that have only been heard live before.
The CD is available on and various online music distributors.In late 2015 recording started on her first EP, not in a studio, but in her guest bedroom at home. This is where the new LadyAxe was born, with Viking and Norse Mythology at the helm of the songs. Axe wrote all the songs and played most of the instruments on it, including most of the guitaring. She captured all the fun and frustration of the recording process in five humorous vlogs called “Asatru Rising – the Recording Chronicles” posted on Youtube.
As South Africa’s only Viking Metal act, LadyAxe will soon release the long awaited EP aptly entitled “Ásatrú” in 2016 to showcase the true punch she delivers. With her tribal/ Viking influences rooted in her music and lyrics, this should be interesting for a female fronted band to bring.
Lock up your sons! LadyAxe will be raiding your village soon!




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