Jenny Modemann

: Jenny Modemann

Birthday: 1987

Country: South Africa

Talent: Musician, Singer

BIO: Singer And Guitarist of the band CRUEL TREATMENT

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Obscurena: When did you started to sing and play guitar ?
Jenny Modemann:  I start playing and singing guitar when i was 15 years old. Especially the guitar playing, I`ve been singing for all my life but it was a huge different when it comes to my growls! haha
Obscurena: Why Heavy Metal ?
Jenny Modemann: Metal is the most powerful,most passion music i`ve ever heard in my life!! You cant find so much energy,so much honest ,so much blood in any kind of music! Im a really passionate person..everything I do,I´ll do it with all my heart. I must feel the fire burning. In Heavy Metal you can almost taste it `cause you are in Hell!
Obscurena: What are your plans for the future ?
Jenny Modemann: My plan is to brutalize the world with Cruel Treatment! haha which means to finish our first album soon in the studios and playing shows around this world! We`ll going to put the Underground into the next level.





















Jenny Modemann Performance


Cruel Treatment



Rabbid Rabbit


Vester Jen Schwarzer Kator Collabration




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