The Green Hill dance club, by Ferdinand of S.

Inaugurated at the beginning of the 80’s, this dance club was very popular in the coastal centre of Portugal. Bringing people from places as far as Lisbon, 100 km away, the Green Hill was the favoured night establishment of three generations between 1980 and 2013.

It had three dance floors, a lounge bar, and an open air bar terrace.

After entering the third millennium, maintenance costs were harder to keep up. The economic crisis of 2008 made the matters worse. Many patrons lost buying power, with no ways to consume the expensive drinks of bars and dance clubs, choosing instead traditional festivities of rural villages, which had cheaper drinks and began having DJ sets.

The owners of the premises sub rented the place to a businessman, but still in April of 2013, the Green Hill dance club closed doors definitively.

Currently, the place is part of a court action because of debts. While the proceedings drag on, the place is completely abandoned. Stripped of everything of value, including wiring, furniture and other props. All that remains are the walls, insulation, broken glass, a lot of junk. Parts of the roof have collapsed, have holes and infiltrations and the premises are completely accessible to anyone.

Photos – Ferdinand of S.


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