Obscurena Went…Extreme Unction – Live at RCA Club, Lisboa


In 1987, under the name Guilhotina, the band starts with Paulo Rodrigues, guitar, Koja Mutilator (ex-Incarnated, Festering, ex-Tetraplegic God / Dawn of Ruins…), bass guitar, and António Silva “Zé-Tó”, drums, in a punk-oriented style.

In 1988 now with Ricardo Bagulho singing, the band records a rehearsal, “Pregos no meu caixão”, including 5 songs.

In 1990 the band changes style, now playing Death Metal, so new musicians are in need. With a new line-up and an altogether different style, the band’s name also changes. “Extreme Unction” is born: Pedro Gonçalves “Pedrada” (Festering e ex-Sun Flower) – vox, Paulo guitar; Duarte “Mantus” (ex Morbid God / Moonspell, Filii Nigrantium Infernalium) guitar, Koja – bass and Zé-Tó – drums.

The promo track “Insane procreation” was produced by João Martins in 1992 in Heavensound studios with a new drummer, Nuno Miguel Caldas “Corvus” (Incarnated / Desire).

In the next year, following general positive reaction from the audiences and the inclusion of the “insane Procreatin” track in the “Mortuary Vol.I” compilation, the band records their first demo in the very same studio and with the same producer. “In Sadness” counted with the precious contributions of some evil souls: Miguel (Mike) Gaspar (Moonspell e ex-Decayed) – drums, Belathauzer (Bactherion / Filii Nigrantium Infernalium) – Vox and Christofer Johnsson (Therion, Luciferian Light Orchestra, ex-Carbonized, ex-Procreation, ex-Demonoid, ex-Excruciate, ex-Messiah) – Vox.

For live performances, the band recruited Nuno Mordred (Ravensire), guitar, Paulo, guitar, Marco Marouco “Marquinho” (Perpetratör, Filii Nigrantium Infernalium, Omission, Sabatan), guitar, and Nuno “Jerzegemoth” (ex- Filii Nigrantium Infernalium), drums.

In 1995 and after a few gigs, the band signs a record deal with the Monasterium Records label and records its debut album, In Limine Mortis, in Rec’ n Rol studios produced by Luís Barros and Extreme Unction. Luís Barros not only produced the album, but he also played keyboards, and Paulo Barros performed an overwhelming solo in “Through the Clouds”. The line-up in the album was: Pedrada – Vox, Sérgio Marcelino “Iron” – Guitar, Marquinho – Guitar, Koja – Bass, Bruno Almeida “Castanho” (Ravenage) – drums.

After a few gigs, both Pedrada and Sérgio leave the band, Pedrada just participating in live performances which continue with a new guitarist, João Dinis Galego (Festering, ex-Sun Flower, ex-In Darkness).

In 1999 the band records a new promo-demo in Prámusica, now produced by Ruy Fingers, with 4 new songs. Never released, this promo-demo counted with a new singer Rodrigo “Ró”.

Following an almost complete exodus, the band is almost over yet, in 2008, the bassist, Koja, challenges João Dinis and Sérgio Marcelino (both former guitarists), hoping to record a new track “Cold Breeze of Winter”. The challenge is accepted and with the help of Gonçalo Martins “Pato” – vox, and Guilherme Pimenta- drums (ex-Wintermoon) the track is recorded. Still, with no prospects of live performances, the band decides to stop rehearsing.

To celebrate the twentieth anniversary of In Limine Mortis, the band members that constituted the line-up for that album determine upon recording a new one: The Last Sacrament. Koja, Sérgio and Marco gather to compose this new record, inviting Pedrada as a singer, despite knowing beforehand that he would be unable to participate in live performances. Notwithstanding a few contacts with the former drummer (Castanho), living in the USA, the band came to fathom that it would be impossible to count on his contribution, hence inviting P.Tosher (Scum Liquor, A Tree of Signs, Disthrone), who accepts.

The album is released in November 2015 by the Chaosphere Recordings label.

Given Pedrada’s unavailability for live performances, the band tempted, once again, Gonçalo Martins, who, thus becomes a full-time band member. The album was presented in a concert on the 20th November in RCA, Lisbon, together with two other bands: Disaffected and Speedemon.

The band is now composing and recording new stuff as well as rehearsing, envisaging new gigs.


Gonçalo Martins – Vox

Koja Mutilator – Bass / Backing Vocals

Marco Marouco – Rhythm/lead Guitars

Sérgio Marcelino – Rhythm Guitar

P. Tosher – Drums