Edgar Guerreiro

Edgar Guerreiro is a Portuguese musician and sound engineer.

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Edgar was born in 1980 in the south of Portugal. From a young age, he has shown interest for music, and at the age of 12 he started playing the guitar. Having recently discovered Metal, he formed his first band at the age of 14 but, being from a small town and studying in a city where the vast majority of people were interested in other musical genres, struggled to find people with similar interests to experiment with. At the age of 16, Edgar moved schools to Loulé, where he found a very eclectic community of musicians, who exposed him to a vast variety of musical approaches. There, he discovered the works of King Crimson, Frank Zappa, Mr. Bungle and John Zorn, to name a few, which opened his mind to how thin the line between genres can be.

Now part of a group of people who were far more virtuous instrumentalists than him, but still eager to be part of bands, Edgar picked up on the bass, drums (and other percussions), keyboards and became a singer. The insight on each of the instruments and their symbiotic connection ultimately developed into a taste for composition.

In 2001, Edgar moved to Caldas da Rainha to study Sound and Image in ESAD, a polytechnic mainly focused on arts. There, he was exposed to more radical and extreme approaches to music, and continued with his experimentations, to the point of having, in a particular performance, balloons and a feedback device as instruments, while part of an experimental improvised music collective.

In 2008, the desire to play an instrument that would be of benefit not only to himself, but any potential collaboration, started to grow, but wondered what would be the instrument that his friends didn’t play better than he could ever do already. The answer came with Marc Caro and Jean-Pierre Jeunet’s film “Delicatessen”, where the character Louison plays a lame sonore, a cousin instrument of the musical saw. The following day, Edgar went to both a hardware store and a music shop, bought a cheap saw and the cheapest violin bow he could find, and started practicing. 6 months later, alongside with Nelson Rodrigues, started Caldas Handsaw Massacre, a collective who played only versions of soundtracks of film and TV shows.

In 2012, motivated by a combination of wanderlust and the economic conjecture of the time, Edgar moved to Edinburgh to take part in the Fringe Festival, where busking in the streets made him known as “The Saw Guy”. Surprised for the fact that he managed to earn a modest living solely as a musician for the first time, and fascinated by Edinburgh’s morbid history, he decided to make the Scottish capital his place of residency. It seemed like the perfect place to finally pursue his long-desired objective of creating a Dark Cabaret show, which he did in 2014, in the form of Kabaret Bastardo.



Currently, Edgar is exploring satire and working on the second installment of what he calls the “Bastard Trilogy”, under the name A Rather Dashing Bastard, whose motto comes in the form of a toast:

“Here’s to pissing people off. And getting laid tonight”.

Article by: ObscurenaFernando Simões