Lady Luna
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Name: Zurika Cilliers Birthday: 1985 Country: South Africa Talent:  Singwriter, Bassist

BIO: Vocalist and Songwriter at 

Usagi Mayu
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Name: Usagi Mayu

Birthday: 1993

Country: Brazil

Talent:  Cosplayer, Model

BIO: I started cosplaying in 2008, but I had to stop

18 Aug, 2016
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Natalia Kat
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Name: Natalia Kat Birthday: 1993 Country: Canada Talent:  Cosplayer, Model

BIO: My name is Natalia and I am a Polish-Canadian cosplayer

18 Aug, 2016
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Ashavari Joshi
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Name: Ashavari Joshi

Birthday: 1992

Country: Canada

Talent: Musician, Cosplayer, Model

BIO: I’m a South Asian alternative model and lead vocalist of symphonic/progressive

17 Aug, 2016
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Diana Rosa
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Name: Diana Rosa

Birthday: 1989

Country: Portugal

Talent: Musician, Dancer, Model

BIO: My name is Diana Rosa and I am

2 Aug, 2016
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