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Geisi »

Name: Geisi

Birthday: 12/08

Country: Brasil

Talent: Cosplayer, Model

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21 Mar, 2017
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Sandra Oliveira
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Sandra Oliveira »

Name: Sandra Oliveira

Country: Portugal

Talent: Singer, Songwriter, Vocal Teacher & Event Planner

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Marit “Minniva” Børresen
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Marit “Minniva” Børresen »

Name: Marit “Minniva” Børresen

Birthday: 1990

Country: Norway

Talent: Singer, Songwriter, Dancer and Actor

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Sienna Sally
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Sienna Sally »

Name: Sienna Sally

Birthday: 1991

Country: Portugal

Talent: Musician, Singer

BIO: Vocalist of Aura’s Seers

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14 Dec, 2016
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Jenny Modemann
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Jenny Modemann »

Name: Jenny Modemann

Birthday: 1987

Country: South Africa

Talent: Musician, Singer

BIO: Singer And Guitarist of the band CRUEL