Sonja Deadly Doll
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Sonja Deadly Doll »

Name: Sonja Deadly Doll

Birthday: 07/05/1986

Country: Spain

Talent: Model, Artist & Art Teacher

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13 Jul, 2017
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Dorothy Dew
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Dorothy Dew »

Name: Tijana Brdarić

Country: Belgrade, Serbia

Talent: Photographer, Model &  Makeup artist

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Joana Bogarim
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Joana Bogarim »

Name: Joana Bogarim

Birthday: 07/05/1998

Country: Portugal

Talent: Model.

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I ‘m

9 Jun, 2017
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Rebekah Marine – The Bionic Model
Our Precious

Rebekah Marine – The Bionic Model »

Name: Rebekah Marine

Birthday: 07/01/1985

Country: Woodbury, New Jersey

Talent: BIONIC MODEL. Inspirational speaker and mentor.

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Our Precious

Geisi »

Name: Geisi

Birthday: 12/08

Country: Brasil

Talent: Cosplayer, Model

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21 Mar, 2017
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