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Unconditional love for the world, good or bad, it is all worthy, it is all interesting. I find life to be absurd, but I cherish this. Meaning could constrain the world, make it smaller, and I just want it to be bigger. It might seem as if I seek closure, but through my curiosity, with every question, the world grows in both size and complexity.

I am not the kind of artist who dives deep into one media, maybe I’m not even the kind of person who dives deep into being an artist. But I do dive deep. I guess my subject is just a bit elusive to me, and it may very well be on purpose. In this way it stays a mystery, a mystery that lures me in and leaves room for creativity. Somewhat like how I see my creations. I like them to have a poetic touch, in the meaning that they are dense but incomplete, they leave room for movement with, in and of whoever chooses to dance with them.

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Woman Edited photo
Woman Edited photo


Untitled Drawing


Its a mad cow world Drawing



Veil Tailed Pigish Drawing



Mute Girl and Speech Theraparrot Drawing


Kali Ma Drawing


Cuparrot Drawing


Blind Girls Trouble Having Badgers in the House While She is Preparing a Birthday Party Drawing


Baloonmaids Drawing



Currently I’m creating a sort of meta-artpiece, which I call Artlaws. So far I myself am the only artist submitting pieces, but several other artists are about to join me.  The concept is to give away the pieces for free. Seek to make them ownerless, sort of outlaws, hence the name Artlaws. And by doing so I am curious to see how the art moves between the hosts, and what it catalyzes. Therefore I appeal to the hosts to send me pictures, texts and to pass the pieces along. Drawing attention to the friction between movement and stagnation.


Os Mutantes Protoperidinium Beings Design Sculpture.


Mussel Teacup (Sculpture)


Golden Feather Face


Artlaws Cuparrot in Ikea Photo


Teresa Baliño

Published Graphic Designer and Fine Art Photographer from Lisbon, Portugal.


Teresa Baliño Bio: After the Degree in Graphic Design and the Graduate Program in Communication and Image, she worked on Design Ateliers, Magazines and Advertising Agencies.
After completing a Master Degree in Design and Visual Production she felt the need to invest in Photography to overcome the expectations of the most demanding customers who were not happy with pictures of image banks.

Years later, after discovering that her mother was seriously ill , immersed in the Fantasy World and used her imagination and creativity to abstract from reality. Now invests all time to produce fancy photo shoots taken from Fairy Tales or Horror Movies. Teresa has customers all over the world.
Ever had interviews to National and International Magazines and two book covers published (Canada and USA).

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Lieutenent-Colonel Lake Tomb

On August 17Th, 1808, and as result of the 1st French invasion in Portugal, The Roliça battle took plase on those hills between  the Napolionic Army,led by General Delaborde, and the Anglo-Portuguese troops, led by General Wellesley. Lieutenent-Colonel George Augustus Frederik Lake was surprised be enemy in this valley being under fire from three flanks. As a result of such offensive approach, the commander himself tumbled just a 4 of his officers as well 66 soldiers. Lieutenent-Colonel Lake`s body was buried here.

Thanks to Ferdinand of S.

Colonel Lake

Colonel Lake

Colonel Lake

Colonel Lake

Colonel Lake

Colonel Lake